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木制品的内含能量较少, 减少空气和水污染, and have a lighter carbon footprint than other commonly used building materials. 木材有助于建筑的能源效率和亲生物设计, 并且是持久的, 适应性强和可重复使用. Explore the resources and sections below for information you need to make informed decisions.

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How do we build sustainably and achieve carbon-reduction goals while also meeting the housing and infrastructure needs of a growing population? 一个答案是建造更多的木质建筑. 

《365bet体育在线网址》, buildings are responsible for nearly 40% of annual global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 体现碳.e., greenhouse gases emitted during the manufacture of materials and construction of buildings—accounts for about 11%, 其中大部分(9%)与混凝土的使用有关, 钢铁.1 In a typical non-wood building, it takes approximately 17 years to pay back the energy debt.2 


它们的能源消耗通常比钢铁或混凝土低, 大部分能源来自可再生的生物质能.g.例如,树皮和其他残余纤维),而不是化石燃料. Substituting wood for fossil fuel-intensive materials reduces 体现碳.


随着树木的生长,它们会吸收二氧化碳2)从大气中释放氧气(O2) and incorporate the carbon into their wood, leaves or needles, roots and surrounding soils. 当树木被制造成产品时,它们会继续储存碳. (按干重计算,木材含有50%的碳.3以建筑物为例, the carbon is kept out of the atmosphere for the lifetime of the structure—longer if the wood is reclaimed and manufactured into other products or reused.

“Every year, 17,000 buildings constructed with other materials could be built with wood. 在大多数情况下, 用木头建造的成本也差不多, 然而,环境效益是显著的. 建筑采用可持续发展的创新木材产品, properly managed forests is a relatively easy way to alleviate a sizable amount of U.S. 碳排放.”

——Jennifer Cover, 总裁兼首席执行官, 芝麻小事, 在能源和自然资源委员会作证, 美国参议院


When forests are sustainably managed (as they are in North America), the cycle begins again. Carbon from the harvested forest remains stored in buildings as the forest starts regenerating and once again begins absorbing CO2. Strong markets for wood products also provide an incentive for landowners to invest in forest thinning and other landscape restoration efforts that promote forest health and reduce the risk of wildfire—another significant contributor of CO2.

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学习 more about biogenic and 体现碳, and wood’s impacts on forest health. 阅读我们的合作伙伴Think Wood的CEU:



Input the volume of structural wood in your building and this tool will estimate its wood carbon footprint—including carbon stored in the wood, 避免温室气体排放, 以及需要多长时间.S. 和加拿大的森林来种植那么多的木材. While it doesn’t offer the thoroughness of a life cycle assessment (see LCA tools below), the calculator can help quantify the benefits of a wood structure for your team, 客户或社区.

五层大型木材办公室:案例研究+ LCA

新月地产公司发现可持续建筑, 包括碳足迹更轻的建筑, 吸引了广泛的租户. 与KL Oz Architecture合作&一个工程师 & 建设者和阿道夫森 & 彼得森建设, Crescent将可持续性作为Platte Fifteen的优先事项, 丹佛一座五层的CLT办公楼. It’s one of the first projects to have both a case study on its design and construction and an in-depth LCA.


在这方面 操作的能量, wood has the advantage of low thermal conductivity compared to steel and concrete.1 因此,木质建筑很容易达到高标准.

While any wood structural system can be designed to achieve a tight building envelope, the precise manufacturing of mass timber systems can provide exceptional air tightness. (The added aspect of dimensional stability also ensures that the building remains airtight over time.) Wood is also proving to be a good choice for designers who want to meet the Passive House (Passivhaus) standard or create net-zero energy or net-zero carbon buildings. 阅读11 E Lenox在波士顿的报道, a seven-story mass timber Passive House project from design-build firm Haycon and Monte French Design Studio.

Because many factors have a greater influence on energy efficiency than the choice of structural material, a more relevant point for many designers is that wood building systems have low 体现碳—i.e., greenhouse gases emitted during the manufacture of materials and construction of buildings. LCA studies consistently show that wood outperforms other materials in this area.2 

11 E Lenox / Haycon / Monte French设计工作室


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